Monday, July 13, 2009

Why a Birth Certificate? Haven't the People Spoken?

By the very definition of their party, the Democrats would like to put an end to the Barrack Obama, birth certificate issue; the people have spoken! In a true democracy, yes, all of the power is held by the people; however misguided the people may be. A typical leftist democrat chant, revisited by a Progressive Insurance commercial (imagine that) is, “Power to the People! (typicaly with a fist raised into the air)” In a true democracy written law plays second fiddle to the will of the people, or the communal desire, if you will. Understanding this mentality is important when one tries to understand how so many Americans seem so nonchalant in regards to the place of birth of Barrack Hussein Obama; they feel the, vote superior, to the rule of law. Such is a progressive society; the law shifting as sand as the world view of the people is shaped, by the world view shapers.

In the idealistic world of pink ponies and peppermint trees, the democratic ideal of a progressive rule of the people, by the ballot, as the rule of law; perfect justice is achieved. Or so they may think as it rains strawberry gumdrops. In the real world a true democracy is mob rule.

Lets take a hypothetical example of a day in this little utopia that is a true democracy; a place where there is no written law just people. It is a small town of one hundred people, a commune if you will. Lets say this town is in middle America; the greeting placard at the city limits reads Welcome to Anytown! Justice though Democracy -pop. 100. Of the one hundred people ninety nine are white and one is black. For the most part the town got along just great, riding pink ponies and eating gumdrops. One day a news show came on TV. The show exposed inner city gang violence, “The Crips versus the Bloods” it was called. That evening 67 of the 100 people in the town watched the show and were horrified. “Look at what those black people are doing,” they said to one another. The resentment grew towards the lone black man in the town. That next day, a referendum was offered to the people of Anytown. We should stone this black man yes/no, the ballot read. The vote was 67 to 1, yes carried the day, and a true democracy functioned flawlessly; a legal injustice.

So next time you think, “Who cares what the Constitution says about the president being a “natural born citizen,” the people have spoken through the ballots.” Think again. As Ramsey the Great, one of the most powerful men in the history of the world would say, (at least in the movie The Ten Commandments), “So it is written, so let it be done.” Demand full disclosure of Barrack Hussein Obama just as the Constitution demands! So it is written so let it be done.

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