Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Fetal Position: A Prospective

Dateline Royter’s 3/10/2011-

In a plea for continuing funding for her research, Dr. Elita Desdemona, (senior research coordinator at Harvard) asked President Obama this week to, “please continue and enhance the governments funding of embryonic stem cell research.”

In her 1500 page report, Dr. Desdemona sited, “although we have not, to this day, delivered to humanity a cure for cancer, diabetes or Parkinson’s disease; it is very important that we continue our work.” She continued, “You just never know when the day may come when a discovery will be made that will change life on earth as we know it. Imagine the day when there will be no disease, no sickness; the great minds of this world could live on.”

She added, “Although the thought of a day when life long statesmen, and donors to the world like, Edward (Ted) Kennedy, and Robert Bird, would be free of mental and physical ailments, sounds good; we must consider the counter of such miraculous discoveries.”

I asked Dr. Desdemona, if she thought of the implications of an over populated earth as a result of her forthcoming discoveries. She answered, “Yes, I have thought about the implications of, ‘healing the world’ via embryonic stem cell research. Population control, and its importance can not be under appreciated.” She elaborated, “Such discoveries carry a price. Longer life in general can be a good thing or a bad thing. One intelligent person can change the world, yet one ignorant person may spend his life watching Nascar, driving SUVs and going to gun shows; a waste of resources really a waste of a life.” She continued with a glint of hope in her eye, “Science has already discovered, through genetic mapping research, which couples are likely to produce more disease tolerant, and dare I say potentially more intelligent offspring. Since we are all citizens of the world we need to open a dialogue. We need to talk about responsible reproduction, we need a plan. A plan -voluntary at first- of genetic compatibility testing. With every new life we must determine whether the, to be born, will be likely to give to Mother Earth or take from her. We should ask like minded responsible citizens to opt out of reproduction, or choose another more suitable genetic donor for their off spring.” She concluded, “It’s for the good of the earth. To completely study the effects of such a societal shift I must, concede my opinion to the, Institute for Genetics and Population Studies (IGPS), founded by my good friend Cora Weiss.”

Dateline Royter’s 3/11/2011

In a follow up to yesterday’s story on the tireless work of Dr. Elita Desdemona, this reporter commends the efficiency of the Obama administration.

In response to Dr. Desdemona’s plea for more embryonic stem cell funding, President Obama with a stroke of a pen, not only funded the request, but added to it by 1.5 billion dollars only one day after the heart felt plea of Desdemona.

Upon signing the Executive order, President Obama proudly said, “The days of business as usual Washington politics are over. The days of action and change are here! Funding this project is far too important, for it to be stalled in congress. These people need the money now, [pause, emphasis added] to continue their research; not when the partisan politicians feel like it or get around to it.” “I will do all in my power as President of the United States of America, to keep the hope, of a better world alive.”

President Obama has been summarily criticized as if in lockstep, by all nine Republican Senators for his “over use of the Executive order,” However, CNN's latest public opinion poll shows most urban youth agree with the Presidents new streamlined approach to governance. In a brief interview with a young man on the street, Yaser Talleen said, “Barack is doin’ a butt kickin job! My assistance check has never been late, I can’t say that for that Bush guy, but he was just stupid.”

In a phone call last night, this reporter thought he was going to have the pleasure to tell Dr. Desdemona of the latest Executive order in her favor. Unfortunately, President Obama had already text'd her on his famed Blackberry device. However, while talking to Dr. Desdemona, I noticed a down ness in her voice. Upon further prying, she propounded with a heart stricken tone.

“Getting the funding is great, and I thank the President, but I am so sad to say we are quickly running out of fetuses, [she corrected] embryos to perform research on. I know we will find places to direct the funds and continue the research; as hamstrung as it may be. It would be so much easier if we just had more embryos.” She continued and told me the story of Pandora Scatola.

Pandora Scatola is a brave young lady. She is very active in the community doing things such as donating her time registering voters and the like. In January, tragedy struck her life. While walking home from a party she claimed she was raped by a white police officer who was “lending assistance.” Such an allegation was not a surprise to many in the neighborhood. One young man (who in fear of retribution wished to remain nameless) commented on the allegations involving the police officer, in an insolent tone, “Go figure.”

Since the case has not gone to trial she could speak no more of the incident.

The “alleged” rape has left her life in a shambles. She has sincere issues with trust, and says, “She battles hatred every day.” Above all of the emotional torment and the lifelong scars on her soul, Pandora found out she is pregnant with the rapist’s child. “Just knowing this animals seed grows inside me makes me ill,” said Miss Scatola. In a strange twist of fate, Pandora Scatola and Dr. Elita Desdemona have a mutual friend; a secretary at Dr. Desdemona’s office. Her name is Toki; for sake of her anonymity we withhold her last name. Toki shared Dr. Desdemona’s embryo shortage issue with Miss Scatola in passing. It did not take two seconds for Pandora to connect the dots. “I want to donate my fetus to Dr. Elita Scatola’s research. I want something good to come out of something so terrible.” She added. “I am going to have an abortion anyways, why not use the fetus instead of throw it away?”

As our telephone interview concluded, Dr. Desdemona left us with these final thoughts. “Miss Scatola’s sacrifice is a sincere offering…I’m touched. [her voice broke] When I told her it was not legal for me to take her fetus due to archaic laws of this land, she was very angry…almost inconsolable. ‘I just want to do good.’ She said. Then, I promised Pandora one thing. I promised I would send out a plea to President Obama. I take this news opportunity to do so.

President Obama, please recall March, 9th 2009. You may not remember, but that was the date you freed the world from Bush’s medieval embryonic stem cell research policy. That was the date you allowed us to experiment on previously frozen human embryos. That was a great day a day of great reason, a day you delivered on your promise of hope. I call on you to remember your reasoning that day, the reasoning spoken by most was this simple; those embryo were going to get thrown away why not use them. Please consider the offering of my dear friend Pandora Scatola. Please allow her to donate her embryo to research. It will just get thrown away, why not use it. What’s the difference?” In a brief private email to the President he said he would consult newly appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice Hillary Clinton on the issue.

Numerous Hollywood insiders are donating to the “Pandy fund” to help Pandora In her fight to serve the world.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Has Capitalism Failed?

Just look at the mess the world is in today. Has Capitalism failed? Well that is what the leftists would like you to believe. I would contend our market is nowhere near a capitalist system. Government interference has rendered it almost unrecognizable and getting worse all the time.

Every time the Federal Reserve turns on the printing press, without destroying an equal amount of old currency, they produce counterfeit dollars. Every dollar in existence before the creation of new currency has a tangible value in the market as determined by those who use it. Currency is merely a token of the value of labor and assets, and that is all that backs the value. Ink and paper hold no value alone; they represent no actual good or service. Infusing un-backed money in the market is akin to...let me use an analogy.

Say you own a Ming Dynasty vase; one of only 100 known to exist. The value of the vase is enhanced by its rarity, and its value is determined in the fair market based upon demand. Let also say all 100 of these vases have been known to exist for 100 years. Over the 100 years, many of the vases have traded hands, and by doing so the value has been established via supply and demand. Lets say today’s value was $10,000, and based upon comparison with commodity indexes, the actual value of the vases have remained stable over the 100 years. One day, out of the blue, 50 more identical vases were discovered and hit the market. The vases look the same and were made by the same people but the question is would they (and the ones previously known) be worth the same as they were before? Of course not. What would they be worth? That is the crux of the issue.

Establishing a new value would take time since all of the vases would not be on the market at the same time. Of course there would be appraisers and dealers that would attempt to set or influence a market price but the true value could only be established in the market with actual money changing hands. This is exactly what printing money does to the market; confuses, and dilutes it. Lets add one more tad bit of confusion into the mix; credit.

Let’s say during the establishment of the new value of the vases, a few people bought the vases and put them on credit. The newly purchased vases, bought on credit, established a baseline to the new value of all the vases; or did it, was it real? Now lets also assume those who bought the vases on credit (and established a new value as a result) were unable to meet the terms of credit and the vases were repossessed. The market was inflated by false demand, due to the “buyers” ability to pay. Credit, skewed the value of the market. After repossession of the vase, the creditor must make liquid, the vase (sell it). Since the banks are not in the retail sales business and time and use of money is their business, the bank will forego top market prices to recover capital (sell it for less than it’s worth). Discounted sales in such a circumstance recess the market, lowering the value of all of the vases to some extent. The use of credit not only can falsify the market to the positive but the negative as well. The little credit vase analogy is almost identical in nature to the housing crisis we face today. Printing and borrowing money is an enemy to a functional capitalist system. Printing and borrowing money is a weapon of mass confusion. Don’t lose faith in the capitalist system… if you are younger than 100 years old you probably have never really seen it in action. America, we need to get back to the basics. The basics will yield slow, steady, unrelenting growth.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guns: True Equality

Physically, all humans are not created equal. Some are weaker due to genetics and some weaker because of their sex. This is a simple fact of life. Before guns and even the invention of the club for that matter, the strongest physical specimens would take from whoever they pleased, whatever they pleased. Humans are unique; we can reason and adapt. In order for the weak to survive they needed to level the playing field; as individuals and as cultures. From the first thrown stone, mankind has had a need to adapt and develop weaponry. Some developments were as a result of protection/equalization and some for conquest. If we as humans did not have this ability to reason and develop weapons, we most likely would have developed a natural eugenic system like the animals...the smallest and weakest would be culled; disallowed to breed, and fall at the hands of the dominant. Thankfully we are not animals.

The Chinese culture of old is a great example. They so wished to protect their culture they isolated themselves from the world; in turn genetic isolation. They developed as smaller beings over many generations. As foes of greater stature arose and sought conquest, the options for the Chinese were limited. A genetic overhaul would take generations, population expansion, carried the cost of sustaining and took time, and subservience was not an option. As a result of need, the Chinese developed new methods of combat (martial arts), advanced metallurgy for swords and such, they designed and built a Great Wall, and eventually developed gun powder. They developed an intellectual and technological superiority to counter their genetic deficiencies.

Fast foreword 2009- Men still seek dominance. There are those amongst us those that will take from others if they can. Some nations if they had the means would seek conquest; if they had advantage. The USA has built a "Great Wall" against those would be conquestious nations; we call it a nuclear arsenal. As humans, each of us seek freedom from oppression. None of us wish to be robbed, raped, or controlled simply as a result of another’s dominant advantage. Guns are the equalizer. An 89 year old wheel chair bound grandmother with a Kimber 1911 .45ACP is an equal to 9 of the biggest meanest strongest men on earth (18 IF SHE CAN CHANGE CLIPS QUICKLY). Taking guns from the lawful makes them far more oppressable. Even if every gun on earth magically vanished the wicked nature of the unsaved man would still remain.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Common Sense Alcohol Control

From the years 1920 thru 1933 alcohol production and consumption was illegal in the US; this period was known as Prohibition. Although a failed policy amongst the people, the purpose and intent of the law was a noble endeavor. The statesmen of the time realized, alcohol was a certain vice to the people of this nation. The consumption of alcohol was and is known to contribute to, vagrancy, promiscuity, violence, financial ruin, unproductive behavior, sexual assault, motor vehicle impairment, and a general lack of good judgment. Not all people who use alcohol behave in the manner before described but many do; too many too ignore. Statistics to substantiate alcohol’s negative affect on society, financially, morally and physically are not hard to come by. In its wake alcohol consumption, leaves victims; the self inflicted variety and the innocent. The mere statistics of the tangible harm to the people in this nation is a cause to act. By acting we can not only prevent thousands of deaths, rapes and murders, we can also prevent the inevitable intangible negative affects to our great nation, such as; poverty, depression, broken homes, unproductiveness and littering.

My solution and the forthcoming proposed bill is not a renaissance of prohibition, but merely common sense alcohol control (HB Al-2009a).

Proposal component 1) - Identification marking
Every container of alcohol in the most individual form, regardless of the size and potency must have an individual identification mark. This identification mark bust bear the, manufacture date, location of manufacture, potency and quantity. The ID mark must be unalterable and uniform in location. The expense for the marking equipment is upon each manufacturer. Each State government that passes this bill may require additional information on the “ID mark” upon their own accord. All equipment and expense thereof required to comply with individual state requirements shall be at the expense of the manufacturer.

Component 2) - Tracking
All marked alcohol will be recorded with each state government before the alcohol makes entry into the state, including all of the information on the means of transport.
Tracking and documentation shall be reported at delivery from warehouse to retail location. A transfer in ownership of each container must be recorded when delivered to a retail location and from retail to purchaser.

Component 3) - Registration and liability
Each buyer/holder of any alcoholic beverage must have a license to possess and/or consume to take ownership. Each state may of its own free will, shall determine the requirements of license.

Private Citizen requirements and 3a)- The standard requirements for a private citizen license holder will be- Legal citizenship, legal age, absence of criminal record, and payment for the processing of the identification license and administration. Additional possible license requirements (per state) may include-Proof of payment of- State taxes, child support, moving violations, stable mental health, absence of alcohol abuse in family history, sufficient credit score, alcohol safety training, and proof that no one in the household receives government assistance, with exception of social security recipients over the age of 63. Additionally it may be required that each container (even if in a locked and secure cabinet) have individual cap locks as a redundant method of prevention against underage consumption.

Retailer 3b) - Each retailer, at their own expense will possess the equipment to scan and report each sale. Loss or suspension of license will occur, in the event of, sale to an unlicensed buyer. Failure to report theft of alcohol, failure to allow random audit, failure to pay transaction fees, failure to report broken or damaged containers, falsely reporting broken or damaged containers, will also result in license suspension or termination, possible criminal charges and seizure of all alcohol.

Special sales (Bar, Tavern, events) 3c) - Sale of individualized containers shall comply by the same rules as “retailers.” Bars and Taverns shall comply with additional regulations as they typically re-sell alcohol packaged in larger containers as smaller portions. Example keg beer sold as draft and liquor sold by the shot. These larger containers shall only be sold to bars and taverns since they are containers that might be used for binge drinking. These especially dangerous containers deserve special laws; they shall be referred to as vessels of mass consumption. All keg type sales from a bar to a licensed buyer must be recorded by weight. All presale spillage and over-pour must be contained for the purpose of weight auditing the sales. Each waste pour over container must be registered and prepared for“water down audit.” A 16 oz grace for unaccounted for beer will be given per keg. Similar rules apply to liquor and wine.

Government held containers 4) - All government held empty bottles, cans, kegs and otherwise must not be resold for reuse. Each vessel must be mutilated and destroyed, recorded, documented and accompanied with a, “Certificate of Destruction.”

Purpose for Identification, Tracking and licensing- The primary purpose for this orderly distribution of alcohol is due to its dangerous nature. Even though most that buy and consume alcohol do it in a responsible manor, many do not. Some adults buy alcohol for teens or abusers or felons; some stores sell to teens, abusers and felons. Upon purchase of every container the buyer becomes liable, partially or fully, for every misdeed, construed to be perpetrated by the consumption of the specific container[s] of alcohol. By placing the liability upon the licensed purchaser, the licensed purchaser would be less likely to, resell or give alcohol to the under aged or unstable. We must face it alcohol is the problem; not the people who drink it. It must be controlled by common sense Alcohol control legislation.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Marriage Belongs to God, Not Man

Marriage is an institution of God. For those of you who don't believe in God, it is an institution of religion. Therefore, I say it is un-Constitutional for government to endorse or engage in the administration of traditional marriage.

It has always been in a government’s best interest to encourage and reward people who choose a life of sexual monogamy and financial singularity (aka "marriage"). I won't go through all of the benefits to society, but they are many and certainly worth reward. The question is, in its "best case scenario," does homosexual marriage benefit the country or even the populous? My answer would be (discounting the negative effects) yes; there are some societal benefits to sexually monogamous and financially singular homosexual relations (arguably less than traditional marriage, but benefits nonetheless).

Establishing that sexual monogamy and financially singular behavior between two people are of benefit to society, it is the government’s job to incentivize such a voluntary commitment. Does the government have the right to use the word marriage? Marriage traditionally, has been defined as a life long oath, sworn to God, between a man and a woman. The sworn oath is different from religion to religion. Is it government’s job or right to provide administration for God? I don't think the Creator of the Universe needs much help in that regard. The interconnection of marriage and government comes from a day when the government was for all intents and purposes, property of a religion; the U.S. is not.

So today we argue on homo/hetero marriage. There should be no argument. Actually, both atheist and believer should, for different reasons, be fighting the governmental use of the word marriage. To an atheist, the use of the word marriage carries religious connotations. To a believer, use of the word could be considered heretical. Particularly when the government itself can not by its Constitution, make a law establishing religion (endorsing a particular God/god).

Here is my proposal in a short context. Get rid of government defined marriage. Marriage belongs to God not government. However, the government should endorse and reward a contract between two. The contract should be straight forward and direct. I would call it the, “Contract of Sexual Monogamy and Financial Singularity” (CSMFS). Breaching the terms of the CSMFS, would result in forfeiture of all future government rewards or entitlements. Like any tax deduction, shelter or tax credit, breaching the terms of the CSMFS (such as promiscuity), would result in certain punishments that would start at simple loss of privilege and possibly grow to tax evasion and imprisonment. Like any contract, if you agree to terms in order to reap a benefit; breech should also carry consequences.

Marriage in America is a joke. It is a pledge sworn in front of a judge with no consequences. The government SHOULD NOT be in the business of administration of God's tenets.