Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turn Back the Rahmulans (A Satire by a Nerd)

After their sweeping Proconsul victory of the “Cap and Trade” bill, led by Chief Proconsul Nazi Pelosi, at the urging of Rahmulan Emanuel, it appears the Rahmulans and Prater Obama have been turned back and have been forced to their side of the neutral zone; for a time. The Rahmulans started their incursion into the neutral zone back on January 20th, with the inauguration of their figurehead Prater Obama. Cloaked in ambiguity, platitudes and faux-altruism, the Rahmulans struck fast knowing that their numbers and intellect were far inferior to the Vulconservatives. Although hardly a victory for the Vulconservatives, the most recent Rahmulan assault on the Universe, via Universal Health Care has been turned back, even at the urge to forge ahead by Rahmulan himself. The Vulconservatives first goal is to expose the Rahmulan cloaking devices, so they can be seen for what they are; tyrants and villains. Also, part of the Vulconservative plan is, once the cloak starts to weaken, assault the enemy with logic, reason and Truth. Such an assault will surely unite the Federation and ensure victory.

It has long been rumored an alliance between the Rahmulans and the Borg, although few believe such a brotherhood exists. Vulconservative intelligence has proven such a link, and believes that although the Proconsul, the Prater and his staff, and a few other Rahmulans are unlikely to assimilate to the collective of the Borg; they see assimilation of the masses as the only way to secure their victory. Vulconservatives that have studied similar assimilations to the collective know that once the Borg Queen has established military dominance, resistance is futile. Additionally, to best serve the collective, often those who helped them secure power are slaughtered wholesale as a measure of protection. What's more, genocide of those that are not considered productive or assimilatable or are considered resistors, is also common. History has proven such alliances like the one between the Rahmulans and the Borg can not survive on their own merits and must imperialize other planets to survive since they do not create, advance or produce; only eat.

Vulconservatives! We must expose the cloak of the Rahmulans. Logic and Truth exist absolutely! They are weapons that can not be defeated if used properly. We must hone our skills, we must condition our mind and body because the finest sword in the hand of a child is near useless. We must expose the cloak and put down this frontal attack so that we and our children may, “Live long and prosper.”

Letter to Congressman Walt Minnick (Health Care Plea)

Dear Congressman Minnick,

I must say I have been impressed with your departure from party line politics. I appreciate a leader that does what he thinks is right rather than what the party leadership tells him to do. I think you know the potential consequences from the DNC for you maverick attitude and I applaud you for standing for principal rather than party. I can’t say that I have never voted for a democrat before but if I ever did you would probably be the one.

I write you today encouraging you to stand against Obama’s health care bill. He and the democrat leadership are really trying to cram this through. The act of cramming should send up a giant red flag. America has done without socialized medicine for a long time, and baring all of the media hyperbole, we have done just fine. The American people and the congress need to digest this diametric shift from free market health care and personal accountability of ones health, to this entitlement/indenturement bill they have offered. This bill will change America fundamentally forever if passed and this should not be taken lightly nor acted upon with haste. Consider the current state of health care in the USA. We have very few that go without care and have the best treatment in the world. The media and the DNC presents statistics to the contrary, but I know you are smart enough to see through the statistical propaganda. Yes, our health care system has some deficiencies, but consider their origin. Government, inaction on illegal immigration and action on regulation has had a huge impact on the cost and functionality of our nation’s health care; we need less government involvement and not more. I know if I turn this letter into a chapter of a book it is not likely to be read, but I do have one more thing to ask of you.

Please keep a hawkish eye on the modern day Democrat party. Is this the same party you joined all those years ago? Do you more closely identify with Joe Lieberman and Zel Miller or Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel? If you had the choice would you vote for Ronald Reagan or Barrack Obama? I ask you to draw a line in the sand. A line you will not cross for party loyalty. I do not think you are a socialist but many “democrats” are today. I know you probably had little respect for Barry Goldwater but I think you can appreciate the wisdom in the following quote of his. “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”


Walt Holton

Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama's "Deathcare" Means More Than Just Bad Medicine

The news today has exposed an interesting story. A mother has lost her parental rights to her teenage son on grounds of neglect; he is 577 lbs. Although, from the news story evidence I would say that neither mother nor son are ideal people, I have to ask is this not stepping over the line a bit by the government. Is there a 577 pound weight limit before you loose your kids? Either way I think the government is way out of bounds on this sort of thing. It seems they are getting more and more control of our lives. They are in the anti-freedom business it seems.

We are just getting started down this path. If the "tax eaters," that fawn over Obama's new health care reform knew the plans he had for them, they would not be quite as pumped up over it. One of the big pieces of this bill is to remove pre-existing conditions from the coverage exclusions. His plan is that everyone will be covered equally (paid for by the producers). However, in order to control costs they must consider the cost of vice. My hunch is that once they have destroyed the private insurance industry and rendered the medical profession to little more than battle field medics, they will then, because they must, address the cost of vice. The burden of vice on wellness is huge!

The private insurance companies account for the added risk of vice by prescreening smokers, drinkers, and fat folks. As it stands today people pay extra to be insured if they have a vice. However, in a “coverage to all” plan, how will BHO control self inflicted medical conditions via vice or recration? Prohibition II? Caloric controls? Outlawing tobacco (probably not since that would hurt Cuba)? Outlawing contact sports? The point is you can't ignore the fact that self induced health problems in this nation accounts for billions and billions of dollars each year.

In a smaller communal socialistic environment, if a "tax eater" is eating more than his or her fair share of the communal budget, a resentment builds and eventually is acted upon. This results in the euthenizing of the ill, killing of retarded children and the elderly; such a dynamic is not new to the world but it is a solution that can keep a commune solvent but not moral. This dynamic is not only common in communal socialism but also the animal kingdom; as Darwin would call it “survival of the fittest.” If mankind is merely an animal this is the most an efficient method of social order. The power being close to the people is always the most efficient; even in socialisim.

However, National Socialism (which is where we are headed) is a bit different. When all of the money that is stolen from the people, is taken far away, and put into a giant hopper full of money to be doled out as the government elite see fit; well then the direct angst against a “super eater” may not be direct. A “super eater” might well go un-noticed by the masses because there is no direct connection between production and consumption. This may appear to be a more moral society, but morality is not the reason for the lack of action similar to a commune. The reason for lack of public action is confusion, ignorance and dilution of the problem (What I mean by dilution is when 300 million people are in the same pot, one might think- “I know there is a meth addict on my street, but what is one meth head in 300 million…no biggie.” this differs from the direct action of a commune; indifference). The problem with National Socilaistic medicine and government is accountability! Socialism, both National and Communal requires accountability; without it you will have eaters and no producers. Accountability comes two ways- 1) Personal accountability. 2) Enforced accountability.

Personal accountability is extremely rare. To be accurate the term “personal accountability” it probably is not the best description. People that hold themselves accountable, most commonly do so because they have a belief in a higher power which they believe will hold them accountable and punish them if they are bad and reward them if they are good; perhaps in the next life. Personal accountability really should be called deistic accountability, but since it is a voluntary contract between a man and the unseen, I call it personal accountability.

Enforced accountability is imposed upon the people by others through laws. The less personally accountable a person or society is the more enforced accountability is required. If a National socialistic government failed to enforce standards of accountability, society and the national treasury would collapse; it would be all eaters and no producers. As a counter measure to this effect, a government must mandate production expectations, and/or limit the “eaters” consumption. In terms of socialized medicine, in order to cut costs you must force doctors to work more, hire more doctors and limit coverage. Each of these dynamics will increase as the producers are gradually bled dry. Once the producers are bled, and the eaters have eaten all of the producer’s fat and are well into their muscle then the government must either outlaw health damaging vices to cut costs or become imperialistic. The USSR used imperialism to refill their coffers; China cut the food and vice to their eaters.

All of the above examples are direct infringements on liberty but are all needed in a socialist setting. That is the America Barrack Obama sees for you. Some food for all but freedom for none. If you think it is your right to drink what you want, eat what you want smoke what you want, and do what you want (certain recreations result in more injury) guess again; you will do as the father says; for the good of the people. Tyranny.

To the European socialist apologists- You might say look at Sweden and France they are socialist, the people stay fed and they have ok medicine, why not America? The answer is- they gave up the fight. Any one of the European Socialist nations would fall to Ooday and Kusei Hussein and a half a dozen tanks. They do not need nor can they afford to defend themselves. They are living off of a peace dividend that we fund; and they still eat off of their muscle of their few remaining producers. Their only hope is birth control. They must shrink to survive. Their existence fragile; if we back off on our military, France will fall again.

The philosophy is simple in every example, micro and macro, socialism has failed; it is just not sustainable. People must have a personal accountability, and be rewarded for their accountability, thrift, and productivity. Effort+reward=productivity…that is capitalism. Ok I’m done.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama; A Trojan Horse or Blessing in Disguise?

Over the past month, America has seen its most radical legislation proposed since FDR pushed into law: USC-title 42—666 (Social Security…). To call the “Cap and Trade” bill and the “Health Care Reform” bill anything other than a communist dictator’s dream would be a vast understatement. While these assaults to all Americans are in the headlines, myriads of other subversive anti-American things are taking place. Things like paying for abortions in Mexico- under the “Stimulus Bill” -the creation of 31 Czars, (some seats filled by admitted socialists), seemingly countless executive orders, a daily assault on the Second Amendment and all under the watch of a man not constitutionally eligible to be president of the United States. It would seem odd that such a, “roid rage” sprint to communo-fascism would be the farthest thing from an American thinkers desire since the jury is most certainly in on the experiments with the leftist ideal in the USSR, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nicaragua, to name a few, as well as commie light experiments in Canada, Britain, Sweden and Germany. If George Orwell himself, in his time, wrote a book chronicling the events of the past year, the book would likely flop due to an implication of over fiction. “Strange days indeed.”

Things just may not be as they seem.

Over the past several months I have written a number of letters to Congressmen, Senators and my Governor; some of the letters were regarding the President’s Constitutional ineligibility. The letters were always responded to with a very frustrating neutral double speak. Receiving no response would anger me less than some of their pansy gluteus maximums, stand-for-nothing responses I received. I often asked myself, how does someone get to a position of great standing without standing for something? Could their individual desire for their office and their own lust for power be so important as to sell America down the drain? But today, it hit me. They just might know something I don’t know. As I thought through my theory, things really started to make sense; the dominos fell one right after another. For example, regarding TARP why was George W Bush acting like a dull witted FDR- Hubert Humphrey clone? After all, “W’s” father, “41”, was an ex-CIA director that served as VP under Ronald Reagan and had a stint at the Oval himself; surely some of the conservative values and intelligence would have rubbed off… I always thought. Of course in his late days in the White House, especially in regards to TARP, my theory of osmotic conservative intellect from his father and Regan was false. Bush was crazy; I thought then. Today I ask, is he crazy like a fox?

Could it be?…Could it be George W. Bush, through the TARP bill and putting Goldman Sachs executives in charge of the world economy only to bankrupt their competition and subvert TARP funds was part of the plan to save the American Ideal? Could it be that the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s lack of desire to protect and defend the Constitution in regards to the Presidents lack of citizenship, is only because it is their horse in the race? Is Barack Hussein Obama a “Trojan Horse?” Could Barry Soretto be a double agent? That would explain a lot! Consider the brilliance of the plan.

Since the days of FDR there has been an organized socialist/Marxist/communo-fascist network in place in America; many served as FDR’s brain trust, this is no secret. During his administration, a communist underground was not required. They operated openly, and founded many organizations that are still around today. After World War 2 drug our nation away from the brink of statism (both economically and philosophically), Americans (especially the returned soldiers) had a new found vigor for freedom and industry. Americans saw first hand the pleasures of National Socialism in Germany, fascism in Italy and communism in the USSR; which by the way are all the same snake; different skin. With the renaissance of the “Greatest Generation,” America forged ahead; freedom in the market and of the person were enjoyed and revered. The “American” socialist however, found this environment less welcoming. Its kryptonite, freedom, was everywhere. This drove the socialists underground for a time, away from the McCarthy gaze.

Although underground, they were nonetheless very active. You see, they had a plan; “The Gramsci Plan.” Antonio Gramsci, was Benito Mussolini’s primary political adversary. Although their ideology was nearly a perfect match, Gramsci called himself a socialist, and so did Mussolini and Italy’s most feared enemy of the day; Germany and the NAZI (National Socialist) party. Mussolini liked the word Fascist better. To prevent Gramsci from making waves Mussolini had him placed in prison, as it was/is the typical statist dictator’s response. Gramsci did not while away his time in prison; he wrote a plan. His plan was how to peacefully overthrow a free culture, and replace it with a socialist/statist one. This plan involved, taking over the schools and universities, controlling the media, exploiting sexuality and diminishing morality, infiltrating churches, controlling world view shapers (such as Hollywood and Turner), encouraging drug use subversively, breaking down the family structure, and judicial policy and control; just to name a few. For the past sixty years the leftists have enacted this plan; some times in the wide open, i.e. The 60’s hippie, and sometimes a bit more cloaked, i.e. the ACLU, IPS (Institute for Policy Studies), the NCC (National Council of Churches) and ACORN. It is quite obvious the commies have been busy; much of the Gramsci plan is done… and done! The leftist’s patience is paying off. But could it be that the communist plan via Gramsci, although obscure from Joe six pack, has not escaped the gaze of some men of today that would be as our founding fathers were in their day?

How brilliant would the plan be? In order to flush out the enemies of freedom, fill the office of President with a double agent that emboldens those statist/leftists; as brave as a rabid pack of Jerry Rubens. It is conceivable that those who lust with hate for America, have now came out of their bunker. They dance in the street at the death of freedom and the American Ideal. They dance and become drunk and lay with one another, just as those in Troy did… the night they received the greatest gift; a gift that to them meant victory; the Trojan Horse. Is Achilles the one that lies inside Barrack Hussein Obama? Could it be, is the Piper calling him to join them? May we one day remove the bust of Teddy Roosevelt from Mount Rushmore and replace it with that of Obama? The man that as a double agent, acted to embolden evil and draw it into the light, by acting as the very enemy, of freedom and liberty. Or perhaps Dick Cheney or George W. Bush- if it was their plan- and Obama merely the player.

This genius plan, if indeed cooked, would have twofold benefits. The first is obvious. Bait the enemy, so that he may speak and act his treason in public. The second beneficial spawn of such a plan is working equally as well. Exposing the patriots and inspiring them to retrace their roots. Rediscover the American Ideal, through reading and prayer, so that we can boldly go where great and Godly men have gone before. Waking up the American Patriot, through bold tyrannical, statist legislation, whether intended or by accident, is a blessing from our Creator. I see men and women that were lax towards their freedom waking up, reading, talking, sharing and revering the roads of our fathers; I have witnessed this! The book Atlas Shrugged sold more copies than ever before this year, people are running to church, people are gaining strength in their convictions at “Tea Parties.” Wow, the “Great sleeping Giant” slumbers no more.

In the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, one character asks another (I paraphrase), ‘If you saw Atlas, sweating, struggling to hold up the weight of the world. What would you tell him? The second character pauses for a moment, and then says, “Shrug, I guess?”
American conservatives, you are Atlas! You have held the weight of the world on your shoulders since our foundation. You have endorsed morality, worked hard, given generously, earned, saved, spent and held not just America on your back but the world. At times the burden is heavy; today it is heavy. Shrug great Atlas, renew your strength! Many other Atlas’ are coming to your aid to ease your burden.

In a less grandiose tone I ask each American that reads this, to put away the flack jacket and pick up a book. Don’t hide in your basement, march in the street. For every telemarketer that calls answer politely, “I’m sorry I am not going to spend any more money until Obama is out of office.” Call, write, fax, email, show up at the office of your elected officials. Get the heck involved, the conservative movement is just an infant at the moment, in comparison to how it will look in a few months. Great strength is found in times of great pain, but a smart man sees the pain coming and gathers his strength in advance. Liberty is an “inalienable right,” but no rights are without a price.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Czar Me!!! The Road to Tyranny

The attached article, is pretty long but it is a must read. If you have to break it down into several sittings, do so; just read it! Otherwise it takes about 10 minutes to read. I would also recommend you add Front Page Magazine to your favorites list. This website is owned by David Horowitz who is a former second generation American communist, and knows what the heck he is talking about when it comes to the desire of the statist/communist to take over America and the world. Additionally, Jamie Glazov is the managing editor of Front Page Magazine and he recently wrote a very must read book entitled, “United in Hate.”

FDR surrounded himself with advisors that lusted after the ideals of the USSR; actual “fellow travelers” that imported Stalin’s propaganda to America. Obama is one upping FDR and surrounding himself with very radical (I can’t say that strongly enough) people that dream of a day when America will surrender its sovreignty to a world government. The contents of this article are not just for the conservatives. Many liberals are liberal because they think with their heart instead of their head. However, many of them have not completed the full metamorphosis to leftist. This article is for that tweener that needs to wake up and realize that their freedom is fleeting. So especially if you have any influence over a 20-30 year old liberal, impose your influence and ask them to read this. Don’t expect a radical transformation, but it should awaken them from the haze. You just might explain to them what the difference between a Czar and a cabinet position is too.

Remember friends, we are in a war for the mind right now and we have the truth on our side! The only way we can lose is if we “remain silent.” The war for the mind, when victory is achieved, will last for generations and involves much less bloodshed than a good old fashioned war, or even the extermination of dissenters that always follows a Statist coup. I am encouraged by the ground swell of patriots; we can fix this and win; we still have time, but each day… it fleets.


Click here to read article

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why a Birth Certificate? Haven't the People Spoken?

By the very definition of their party, the Democrats would like to put an end to the Barrack Obama, birth certificate issue; the people have spoken! In a true democracy, yes, all of the power is held by the people; however misguided the people may be. A typical leftist democrat chant, revisited by a Progressive Insurance commercial (imagine that) is, “Power to the People! (typicaly with a fist raised into the air)” In a true democracy written law plays second fiddle to the will of the people, or the communal desire, if you will. Understanding this mentality is important when one tries to understand how so many Americans seem so nonchalant in regards to the place of birth of Barrack Hussein Obama; they feel the, vote superior, to the rule of law. Such is a progressive society; the law shifting as sand as the world view of the people is shaped, by the world view shapers.

In the idealistic world of pink ponies and peppermint trees, the democratic ideal of a progressive rule of the people, by the ballot, as the rule of law; perfect justice is achieved. Or so they may think as it rains strawberry gumdrops. In the real world a true democracy is mob rule.

Lets take a hypothetical example of a day in this little utopia that is a true democracy; a place where there is no written law just people. It is a small town of one hundred people, a commune if you will. Lets say this town is in middle America; the greeting placard at the city limits reads Welcome to Anytown! Justice though Democracy -pop. 100. Of the one hundred people ninety nine are white and one is black. For the most part the town got along just great, riding pink ponies and eating gumdrops. One day a news show came on TV. The show exposed inner city gang violence, “The Crips versus the Bloods” it was called. That evening 67 of the 100 people in the town watched the show and were horrified. “Look at what those black people are doing,” they said to one another. The resentment grew towards the lone black man in the town. That next day, a referendum was offered to the people of Anytown. We should stone this black man yes/no, the ballot read. The vote was 67 to 1, yes carried the day, and a true democracy functioned flawlessly; a legal injustice.

So next time you think, “Who cares what the Constitution says about the president being a “natural born citizen,” the people have spoken through the ballots.” Think again. As Ramsey the Great, one of the most powerful men in the history of the world would say, (at least in the movie The Ten Commandments), “So it is written, so let it be done.” Demand full disclosure of Barrack Hussein Obama just as the Constitution demands! So it is written so let it be done.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Letter to Governor Otter-Stimulus Allocation

Dear Governor Otter,

As a conservative, I am sure you are troubled by the state of our nation these days. One especially troubling piece of the economic equation is the “Stimulus package.” You and I both know it is impossible to spend your way out of debt on borrowed dollars (borrowed from the next generation). However, it is apparent the stimulus money will be forced upon each and every state. If you bear with me for another paragraph, I think I have an idea that just might be the proper allocation of our share of the stimulus package and help Idaho crawl out of this recession quicker than other states and with a sustained effect.

As you know, the reason states were created, rather than one large government without sovereign borders, was to keep the power close to the people. It was designed that way so states could make policy based upon their regional preference. Such was a brilliant idea of our founders. A state, on its own accord could try new ideas, and if they failed the entire nation would not suffer the consequences of the progressive action. If they succeeded, the other states could observe the policy and act accordingly. In reality, the statehood ideal was a great insulation against wholesale failure of the states united. Alas, the state borders seem to be a bit hazy these days, as we seem to be moving towards National Socialism; a government ruling from D.C.

The conservative mantra for economic growth is tax cuts, especially for small business. Tax cuts have worked every time they have been tried, I think you will agree. So I propose, the State of Idaho ask special permission, in the spirit of state sovereignty and independent policy experimentation, to use our stimulus money in a different manor than other states. I propose we put the money into the general fund and spend the money as allocated in the budget. The key here is to not grow the budget simply because of the surplus. In turn, state income tax (business and personal) and property taxes should be cut/tax credited back to the engine of our economy; the people and businesses. Secondly, existing bonds on completed capital improvements could be paid off early and the interest saved could be brought back into the general fund. Basically, with this idea, we are turning an unproven irresponsible spending bill into a proven method of economic growth; tax cuts and interest elimination. This likely will not go over real well with the Obama administration, however, I voted for you (and I am sure others as well) because I had a feeling you were not afraid to make some waves. I think it is time to make some tidal waves. We are going in the wrong direction.

Lastly, on a bit of a different subject, I would love to see this state on budget every year. If the economy shrinks 2% than cut the budget 2% across the board. I am sure it will be said it is just not that simple. Really? I would love to see the long term goal of the state of Idaho (and the nation, I’m a dreamer) be financial freedom, which means no debt. I would love to see the State of Idaho adopt “Dave Ramsey economics” as its policy.


Walt Holton

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hero Worship and Reagan

Recently while commenting on a website I frequent http://logisticsmonster.com/, I was asked the following question- following is my response.

Diamond Tiger asked, “Walt – can you explain to me the hero worship of Ronald Reagan – I just don’t get it, but then again it could be because of what I know about Ronald Reagan.”

I would love to. First of all I would like to water down the statement “hero worship.” I have no earthly heroes.

Ronald Reagan was not a man fresh with new ideas, he was neither a visionary, nor a deep intellectual…he did not need to be, because Truth exists. President Reagan’s policy and “ideas” were not new, to the contrary they were very old; they were the ones of our founders.

The founders of our nation, I believe, were God ordained to serve a purpose. The ideas they had were also not new. They did not invent the “self evident truths.” They did not ordain the "Laws of Nature,” or create the "Creator." They simply, through great wisdom, perseverance and the study of human nature, compiled very old Truths and built a series of documents so that we may be ruled by the written law, as inspired by the Creator, rather than be ruled by corruptible men. Just as Moses delivered Levitical Law, so did our Founders deliver The Constitution. Although wise, (a blessing from God) our founders were simply deliverers of God's plan for man; the Truth. When I remember Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Henry and Lincoln I honor their resolute nature, their diligence and love for freedom…but they were just men, honored to serve man and God.

So I say, we are all mortal; imperfect and flawed. Reagan was not a “perfect man.” I do not revere Reagan because he was great, but I do revere the message he carried. A message of freedom, responsibility, morality, actions and consequences; a similar message to those passed to us by our founders. Reagan was humble, kind mannered, and strong. When he spoke people understood and were inspired to follow. Like a good father Reagan was predictable, and consistent, his actions were reasonable and logical. Reagan, like our founders, knew there are no “new ideas” and that there is “nothing new under the sun.” He stood for the old ways, the proven ways…the Truth. No he was not a god amongst men, but he inspired men. He brought out the best in men and within America. He knew that the United States of America was not great because of its land nor location; but by its ideals, the “American Ideal.”

Thursday, July 2, 2009

...and to the Republic faux which it stands?

If you have been following the news lately, you probably heard that President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was removed from power by his military for usurping the written law of their constitution; this man was not above the law. It looks to me like Honduras is a healthy constitutional republic; a far cry from ours.

Ours has morphed into a "faux-republic," with the executive order, the unprecedented appointment of Czars, policy-from-the-bench justices like Judge Soto' and the ever so powerful "Administrative branch of government," as Mark Levin summarized it so well in his book "Liberty and Tyranny." Perhaps the day the first executive order was handed down, our joint chiefs should have stood up and said, not so fast Mr. President, we are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, and by your very title as an Executive you are outside your authority. Alas, "on little cat feet..."

Not only has our Constitutional Republic been circumvented by the leftists, so has our means of representative selection; the democratic election. It has turned into a farcical display that Tehran and pre-'90 Moscow would have been delighted with. We have a distracted decadent populace whose world view and subsequent voting is steered by a Pravda-esque media and a Hollywood that would make Hitler proud. Of course, beyond the shapers of world view we have the direct usurpers of democracy like ACORN, the defenders of "no-ID's required to vote" crowd and the local efforts of corrupt voting practices that rear up from Broward county to Washington state; many organized by big labor (shhhhh). Now, it is not beyond imagination to foresee, with a stroke of our “Dear Leader’s” pen, we may have an additional 12 to 20 million people (illegal immigrants) added to our voting roles as a supreme act of humanity, fairness and decency to a poor and oppressed people. A people oppressed by their own government as we cower from policies that might have forced Mexico off the path of third world corruption. But that is another diatribe all together.

Although all of these examples are a recipe for a faux-democracy, the 17th Amendment to the Constitution was probably the worst assault on the Republic of all. Before the 17th, Senators were elected by the State representatives rather than the populace. It is a state representatives job to be in touch with his constituent’s desires and spend much of their lives researching the complex issues; things “Joe six pack” does not have time nor perhaps the intellect or desire to learn. It was the wisest of all representatives (US Senators) to be elected by the wisest of the citizens (the state representatives). Today a senate seat is decided by who can spend the most, who controls the media message, and, if you happen to be a republican, who can keep their pants zipped up or their feet from tapping as you unload your daily grind. Our Constitutional Republic is a sad little puppet show; a faux-republic.