Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama; A Trojan Horse or Blessing in Disguise?

Over the past month, America has seen its most radical legislation proposed since FDR pushed into law: USC-title 42—666 (Social Security…). To call the “Cap and Trade” bill and the “Health Care Reform” bill anything other than a communist dictator’s dream would be a vast understatement. While these assaults to all Americans are in the headlines, myriads of other subversive anti-American things are taking place. Things like paying for abortions in Mexico- under the “Stimulus Bill” -the creation of 31 Czars, (some seats filled by admitted socialists), seemingly countless executive orders, a daily assault on the Second Amendment and all under the watch of a man not constitutionally eligible to be president of the United States. It would seem odd that such a, “roid rage” sprint to communo-fascism would be the farthest thing from an American thinkers desire since the jury is most certainly in on the experiments with the leftist ideal in the USSR, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nicaragua, to name a few, as well as commie light experiments in Canada, Britain, Sweden and Germany. If George Orwell himself, in his time, wrote a book chronicling the events of the past year, the book would likely flop due to an implication of over fiction. “Strange days indeed.”

Things just may not be as they seem.

Over the past several months I have written a number of letters to Congressmen, Senators and my Governor; some of the letters were regarding the President’s Constitutional ineligibility. The letters were always responded to with a very frustrating neutral double speak. Receiving no response would anger me less than some of their pansy gluteus maximums, stand-for-nothing responses I received. I often asked myself, how does someone get to a position of great standing without standing for something? Could their individual desire for their office and their own lust for power be so important as to sell America down the drain? But today, it hit me. They just might know something I don’t know. As I thought through my theory, things really started to make sense; the dominos fell one right after another. For example, regarding TARP why was George W Bush acting like a dull witted FDR- Hubert Humphrey clone? After all, “W’s” father, “41”, was an ex-CIA director that served as VP under Ronald Reagan and had a stint at the Oval himself; surely some of the conservative values and intelligence would have rubbed off… I always thought. Of course in his late days in the White House, especially in regards to TARP, my theory of osmotic conservative intellect from his father and Regan was false. Bush was crazy; I thought then. Today I ask, is he crazy like a fox?

Could it be?…Could it be George W. Bush, through the TARP bill and putting Goldman Sachs executives in charge of the world economy only to bankrupt their competition and subvert TARP funds was part of the plan to save the American Ideal? Could it be that the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s lack of desire to protect and defend the Constitution in regards to the Presidents lack of citizenship, is only because it is their horse in the race? Is Barack Hussein Obama a “Trojan Horse?” Could Barry Soretto be a double agent? That would explain a lot! Consider the brilliance of the plan.

Since the days of FDR there has been an organized socialist/Marxist/communo-fascist network in place in America; many served as FDR’s brain trust, this is no secret. During his administration, a communist underground was not required. They operated openly, and founded many organizations that are still around today. After World War 2 drug our nation away from the brink of statism (both economically and philosophically), Americans (especially the returned soldiers) had a new found vigor for freedom and industry. Americans saw first hand the pleasures of National Socialism in Germany, fascism in Italy and communism in the USSR; which by the way are all the same snake; different skin. With the renaissance of the “Greatest Generation,” America forged ahead; freedom in the market and of the person were enjoyed and revered. The “American” socialist however, found this environment less welcoming. Its kryptonite, freedom, was everywhere. This drove the socialists underground for a time, away from the McCarthy gaze.

Although underground, they were nonetheless very active. You see, they had a plan; “The Gramsci Plan.” Antonio Gramsci, was Benito Mussolini’s primary political adversary. Although their ideology was nearly a perfect match, Gramsci called himself a socialist, and so did Mussolini and Italy’s most feared enemy of the day; Germany and the NAZI (National Socialist) party. Mussolini liked the word Fascist better. To prevent Gramsci from making waves Mussolini had him placed in prison, as it was/is the typical statist dictator’s response. Gramsci did not while away his time in prison; he wrote a plan. His plan was how to peacefully overthrow a free culture, and replace it with a socialist/statist one. This plan involved, taking over the schools and universities, controlling the media, exploiting sexuality and diminishing morality, infiltrating churches, controlling world view shapers (such as Hollywood and Turner), encouraging drug use subversively, breaking down the family structure, and judicial policy and control; just to name a few. For the past sixty years the leftists have enacted this plan; some times in the wide open, i.e. The 60’s hippie, and sometimes a bit more cloaked, i.e. the ACLU, IPS (Institute for Policy Studies), the NCC (National Council of Churches) and ACORN. It is quite obvious the commies have been busy; much of the Gramsci plan is done… and done! The leftist’s patience is paying off. But could it be that the communist plan via Gramsci, although obscure from Joe six pack, has not escaped the gaze of some men of today that would be as our founding fathers were in their day?

How brilliant would the plan be? In order to flush out the enemies of freedom, fill the office of President with a double agent that emboldens those statist/leftists; as brave as a rabid pack of Jerry Rubens. It is conceivable that those who lust with hate for America, have now came out of their bunker. They dance in the street at the death of freedom and the American Ideal. They dance and become drunk and lay with one another, just as those in Troy did… the night they received the greatest gift; a gift that to them meant victory; the Trojan Horse. Is Achilles the one that lies inside Barrack Hussein Obama? Could it be, is the Piper calling him to join them? May we one day remove the bust of Teddy Roosevelt from Mount Rushmore and replace it with that of Obama? The man that as a double agent, acted to embolden evil and draw it into the light, by acting as the very enemy, of freedom and liberty. Or perhaps Dick Cheney or George W. Bush- if it was their plan- and Obama merely the player.

This genius plan, if indeed cooked, would have twofold benefits. The first is obvious. Bait the enemy, so that he may speak and act his treason in public. The second beneficial spawn of such a plan is working equally as well. Exposing the patriots and inspiring them to retrace their roots. Rediscover the American Ideal, through reading and prayer, so that we can boldly go where great and Godly men have gone before. Waking up the American Patriot, through bold tyrannical, statist legislation, whether intended or by accident, is a blessing from our Creator. I see men and women that were lax towards their freedom waking up, reading, talking, sharing and revering the roads of our fathers; I have witnessed this! The book Atlas Shrugged sold more copies than ever before this year, people are running to church, people are gaining strength in their convictions at “Tea Parties.” Wow, the “Great sleeping Giant” slumbers no more.

In the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, one character asks another (I paraphrase), ‘If you saw Atlas, sweating, struggling to hold up the weight of the world. What would you tell him? The second character pauses for a moment, and then says, “Shrug, I guess?”
American conservatives, you are Atlas! You have held the weight of the world on your shoulders since our foundation. You have endorsed morality, worked hard, given generously, earned, saved, spent and held not just America on your back but the world. At times the burden is heavy; today it is heavy. Shrug great Atlas, renew your strength! Many other Atlas’ are coming to your aid to ease your burden.

In a less grandiose tone I ask each American that reads this, to put away the flack jacket and pick up a book. Don’t hide in your basement, march in the street. For every telemarketer that calls answer politely, “I’m sorry I am not going to spend any more money until Obama is out of office.” Call, write, fax, email, show up at the office of your elected officials. Get the heck involved, the conservative movement is just an infant at the moment, in comparison to how it will look in a few months. Great strength is found in times of great pain, but a smart man sees the pain coming and gathers his strength in advance. Liberty is an “inalienable right,” but no rights are without a price.

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