Friday, July 17, 2009

Czar Me!!! The Road to Tyranny

The attached article, is pretty long but it is a must read. If you have to break it down into several sittings, do so; just read it! Otherwise it takes about 10 minutes to read. I would also recommend you add Front Page Magazine to your favorites list. This website is owned by David Horowitz who is a former second generation American communist, and knows what the heck he is talking about when it comes to the desire of the statist/communist to take over America and the world. Additionally, Jamie Glazov is the managing editor of Front Page Magazine and he recently wrote a very must read book entitled, “United in Hate.”

FDR surrounded himself with advisors that lusted after the ideals of the USSR; actual “fellow travelers” that imported Stalin’s propaganda to America. Obama is one upping FDR and surrounding himself with very radical (I can’t say that strongly enough) people that dream of a day when America will surrender its sovreignty to a world government. The contents of this article are not just for the conservatives. Many liberals are liberal because they think with their heart instead of their head. However, many of them have not completed the full metamorphosis to leftist. This article is for that tweener that needs to wake up and realize that their freedom is fleeting. So especially if you have any influence over a 20-30 year old liberal, impose your influence and ask them to read this. Don’t expect a radical transformation, but it should awaken them from the haze. You just might explain to them what the difference between a Czar and a cabinet position is too.

Remember friends, we are in a war for the mind right now and we have the truth on our side! The only way we can lose is if we “remain silent.” The war for the mind, when victory is achieved, will last for generations and involves much less bloodshed than a good old fashioned war, or even the extermination of dissenters that always follows a Statist coup. I am encouraged by the ground swell of patriots; we can fix this and win; we still have time, but each day… it fleets.


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