Thursday, July 2, 2009

...and to the Republic faux which it stands?

If you have been following the news lately, you probably heard that President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was removed from power by his military for usurping the written law of their constitution; this man was not above the law. It looks to me like Honduras is a healthy constitutional republic; a far cry from ours.

Ours has morphed into a "faux-republic," with the executive order, the unprecedented appointment of Czars, policy-from-the-bench justices like Judge Soto' and the ever so powerful "Administrative branch of government," as Mark Levin summarized it so well in his book "Liberty and Tyranny." Perhaps the day the first executive order was handed down, our joint chiefs should have stood up and said, not so fast Mr. President, we are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, and by your very title as an Executive you are outside your authority. Alas, "on little cat feet..."

Not only has our Constitutional Republic been circumvented by the leftists, so has our means of representative selection; the democratic election. It has turned into a farcical display that Tehran and pre-'90 Moscow would have been delighted with. We have a distracted decadent populace whose world view and subsequent voting is steered by a Pravda-esque media and a Hollywood that would make Hitler proud. Of course, beyond the shapers of world view we have the direct usurpers of democracy like ACORN, the defenders of "no-ID's required to vote" crowd and the local efforts of corrupt voting practices that rear up from Broward county to Washington state; many organized by big labor (shhhhh). Now, it is not beyond imagination to foresee, with a stroke of our “Dear Leader’s” pen, we may have an additional 12 to 20 million people (illegal immigrants) added to our voting roles as a supreme act of humanity, fairness and decency to a poor and oppressed people. A people oppressed by their own government as we cower from policies that might have forced Mexico off the path of third world corruption. But that is another diatribe all together.

Although all of these examples are a recipe for a faux-democracy, the 17th Amendment to the Constitution was probably the worst assault on the Republic of all. Before the 17th, Senators were elected by the State representatives rather than the populace. It is a state representatives job to be in touch with his constituent’s desires and spend much of their lives researching the complex issues; things “Joe six pack” does not have time nor perhaps the intellect or desire to learn. It was the wisest of all representatives (US Senators) to be elected by the wisest of the citizens (the state representatives). Today a senate seat is decided by who can spend the most, who controls the media message, and, if you happen to be a republican, who can keep their pants zipped up or their feet from tapping as you unload your daily grind. Our Constitutional Republic is a sad little puppet show; a faux-republic.

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