Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Generation WE

This is my response to the George Soros funded Generation WE propaganda seen here- I hope some of the WE will get with it.

WE the generation of Americans born between 1978 and 2000, children of the Baby Boomers, will have a chance to make right what has gone horribly wrong with our country.

WE, have watched our parents live in the now and become complacent to the erosion of freedom and liberty.

WE, have watched their fortunes come and go and seen them remain silent as the Federal Reserve printed money out of thin air; money with no value; but they played the game; they got theirs. WE have witnessed the fantasy world of play money, false interest rates and governmental regulations that give advantage to some businesses and cripple others, created by politicians in trade for money. WE demand a real dollar with real market interest rates, and a fair playing field absent of governmental cronyism.

WE have watched our parents and grand parents get taxed heavily for education only to pass our education off to the government monopoly of thought. Don’t they care? Don’t we deserve the best? Shouldn’t they demand the money used to educate us be used in the most efficient and free manor possible? WE demand choice in education for our children!

WE, have watched our Presidents go to war and call it a police action, knowing full well The Constitution does not give this power to the President. WE have seen our nation go to war and men die because we do not have a picture of what victory looks like. WE know war is hell and it must not be entered into for light reasons and when fought, WE must win quickly and decisively with all of our resolute nature to bear.

WE have watched money and clever slogans manipulate our democratic method of election. WE have watched them become lazy on history, complacent on The Constitution, and vote not with their mind but with opinions based upon sensational advertising. WE know a democracy without reverence and diligence is no better than a lynch mob. WE know the power of the vote and we must and will not treat that freedom; purchased in blood, lightly. WE will think with our minds and give and love with our hearts.

WE have watched them trade liberty for security; freedom for government control. WE know America did not become great by accident nor by government planning, but by a design endorsed by WE THE PEOPLE, that preserves liberty, and restrains the government; The Constitution. WE believe each man in his own choosing should be free to seek out and work for his wildest dreams without interference, and a man should also be allowed to live in sloth if it be his choosing. WE must not be forced to live for our brother nor he for us, but retain the convictions of our soul and help not because we are forced but because we love.

Finally, WE have watched our parents allow more and more of their money to be taken from them, to fund a government growing like a disease; one that is giving money, money they do not have as gifts to other countries around the world…it’s not yours to give! A deficit means WE are the ones footing the bill, perhaps our children as well. WE believe taking from one man against his will and giving it to another is theft and that the principal of theft does not change just because a group of people vote for it.

Generation WE, swear a pact, to restore our nation to its former greatness when The Constitution was honored; a man's property was respected and charity was given from the heart, and received with humility. WE will learn the lessons of history, and recognize the gradual erosion of liberty at each baby step, so that WE can again be the Land of the FREE and the home of the Brave