Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Defect Comrade

Dear Congressman,

I am writing you today to ask you to defect from the Democrat party. Nancy Pelosi and her gang have turned your party into a real mess, bent on bigger government, bankrupting our children’s children and taking freedom at every turn. It is quite obvious the American people do not like the extreme leftism being pushed in Washington today, but the pompous demenor coming from your party makes me wonder if they live in another dimension. They are not listening to Americans! However, a defection on your part much like the defection of Congressman Griffith Parker will perk the ears of those would be oligarchs. Are you with Pelosi? If you run with the devil it must be assumed you are a demon.

Walt Holton

Monday, December 7, 2009

Say No To The Jolly Green Tyrant!

Dear Congressman Minnick,

I would again like to thank you for voting no on the “Cap and Trade” bill this summer. I think you realize just how harmful this bill would be on every American and our economy in general. However, the battle is not over.

If you get your news from traditional sources, what comes next will be a shock to you since the mainstream media finds the number of Tiger Woods lovers more important than the future of western civilization and freedom.

What is missing from your nightly news, is a story called Climategate; perhaps the biggest story of our time. The genesis of this story comes from a whistle blower that leaked thousands of sensitive emails from the worlds leading climate modelers. Within these emails a foul plot is exposed. The data that lead to the man caused global warming frenzy was admittedly manipulated and the scientific method clearly compromised. Had this information not been discovered, the sheeple of this world would likely have won the day and the US would be relegated to voluntary second world status. It was with great Providence this underhanded scheme was exposed before the Jolly Green Tyrant had his way.

So today Congressman, I ask you to support the efforts to bring light on this issue. I ask you to support Rep. Inhofe and push for Congressional hearings. You are a reasonable man…reasonable men reason…without hearings, such is impossible. Most of those in the house and senate have little knowledge of science; they are swayed by the media, public opinion and a powerful lobby. The wisest men of a representative republic must not be swayed by such transient and shallow endeavors. You must seek the Truth and it shall keep us free.

cc-Citizens of Idaho