Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Copenhagen Treaty; Pandora's Perfect Box

The first thing I would like to say here is I would like to put my reputation on the line and ask each of you to read this. If you feel it was a waste of time and not worthy of your efforts I give you permission to pass me by in the future. I promise to keep it short. As a matter of fact I will use bullet points; simple and concise facts.

Secondly I would like to give credit for these following perspectives/facts to a gentleman by the name of Mark Vande Pol. If any of these issues I address spur the slightest interest, I ask you to do further research on his site I will take full blame for any misrepresentation or misunderstanding of my content.

1) Treaty law (International) supersedes our Constitution and once established we the people have absolutely no vehicle to change it.
2) Any special interest group may site Treaty Law, (environmental or otherwise) to assume control over markets, "private property" and liberty in general.
3) American courts are generally powerless to rule on international law (treaties).
4) Treaties are drafted in private with undisclosed participants.
5)The special interest groups that are responsible for writing the treaties, and federal and local laws as well as interpreting, administering and perpetuating them are funded (in very large part) by the corporations they are supposedly "watch dogging."
6) These groups also fund politicians and the academic elite all with taxes and dollars taken from the "profits" that you and I gave them via inflated market prices for oil, food, computers, electricity and so on. We pay for our own bondage!

There is so much more! I know I have provided no evidence to back my case; my intention exactly. I ask you to prove me wrong. Please check out this site and follow this deeper. You will not regret it.