Monday, July 6, 2009

Hero Worship and Reagan

Recently while commenting on a website I frequent, I was asked the following question- following is my response.

Diamond Tiger asked, “Walt – can you explain to me the hero worship of Ronald Reagan – I just don’t get it, but then again it could be because of what I know about Ronald Reagan.”

I would love to. First of all I would like to water down the statement “hero worship.” I have no earthly heroes.

Ronald Reagan was not a man fresh with new ideas, he was neither a visionary, nor a deep intellectual…he did not need to be, because Truth exists. President Reagan’s policy and “ideas” were not new, to the contrary they were very old; they were the ones of our founders.

The founders of our nation, I believe, were God ordained to serve a purpose. The ideas they had were also not new. They did not invent the “self evident truths.” They did not ordain the "Laws of Nature,” or create the "Creator." They simply, through great wisdom, perseverance and the study of human nature, compiled very old Truths and built a series of documents so that we may be ruled by the written law, as inspired by the Creator, rather than be ruled by corruptible men. Just as Moses delivered Levitical Law, so did our Founders deliver The Constitution. Although wise, (a blessing from God) our founders were simply deliverers of God's plan for man; the Truth. When I remember Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Henry and Lincoln I honor their resolute nature, their diligence and love for freedom…but they were just men, honored to serve man and God.

So I say, we are all mortal; imperfect and flawed. Reagan was not a “perfect man.” I do not revere Reagan because he was great, but I do revere the message he carried. A message of freedom, responsibility, morality, actions and consequences; a similar message to those passed to us by our founders. Reagan was humble, kind mannered, and strong. When he spoke people understood and were inspired to follow. Like a good father Reagan was predictable, and consistent, his actions were reasonable and logical. Reagan, like our founders, knew there are no “new ideas” and that there is “nothing new under the sun.” He stood for the old ways, the proven ways…the Truth. No he was not a god amongst men, but he inspired men. He brought out the best in men and within America. He knew that the United States of America was not great because of its land nor location; but by its ideals, the “American Ideal.”

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