Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Letter to Congressman Walt Minnick (Health Care Plea)

Dear Congressman Minnick,

I must say I have been impressed with your departure from party line politics. I appreciate a leader that does what he thinks is right rather than what the party leadership tells him to do. I think you know the potential consequences from the DNC for you maverick attitude and I applaud you for standing for principal rather than party. I can’t say that I have never voted for a democrat before but if I ever did you would probably be the one.

I write you today encouraging you to stand against Obama’s health care bill. He and the democrat leadership are really trying to cram this through. The act of cramming should send up a giant red flag. America has done without socialized medicine for a long time, and baring all of the media hyperbole, we have done just fine. The American people and the congress need to digest this diametric shift from free market health care and personal accountability of ones health, to this entitlement/indenturement bill they have offered. This bill will change America fundamentally forever if passed and this should not be taken lightly nor acted upon with haste. Consider the current state of health care in the USA. We have very few that go without care and have the best treatment in the world. The media and the DNC presents statistics to the contrary, but I know you are smart enough to see through the statistical propaganda. Yes, our health care system has some deficiencies, but consider their origin. Government, inaction on illegal immigration and action on regulation has had a huge impact on the cost and functionality of our nation’s health care; we need less government involvement and not more. I know if I turn this letter into a chapter of a book it is not likely to be read, but I do have one more thing to ask of you.

Please keep a hawkish eye on the modern day Democrat party. Is this the same party you joined all those years ago? Do you more closely identify with Joe Lieberman and Zel Miller or Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel? If you had the choice would you vote for Ronald Reagan or Barrack Obama? I ask you to draw a line in the sand. A line you will not cross for party loyalty. I do not think you are a socialist but many “democrats” are today. I know you probably had little respect for Barry Goldwater but I think you can appreciate the wisdom in the following quote of his. “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”


Walt Holton

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