Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guns: True Equality

Physically, all humans are not created equal. Some are weaker due to genetics and some weaker because of their sex. This is a simple fact of life. Before guns and even the invention of the club for that matter, the strongest physical specimens would take from whoever they pleased, whatever they pleased. Humans are unique; we can reason and adapt. In order for the weak to survive they needed to level the playing field; as individuals and as cultures. From the first thrown stone, mankind has had a need to adapt and develop weaponry. Some developments were as a result of protection/equalization and some for conquest. If we as humans did not have this ability to reason and develop weapons, we most likely would have developed a natural eugenic system like the animals...the smallest and weakest would be culled; disallowed to breed, and fall at the hands of the dominant. Thankfully we are not animals.

The Chinese culture of old is a great example. They so wished to protect their culture they isolated themselves from the world; in turn genetic isolation. They developed as smaller beings over many generations. As foes of greater stature arose and sought conquest, the options for the Chinese were limited. A genetic overhaul would take generations, population expansion, carried the cost of sustaining and took time, and subservience was not an option. As a result of need, the Chinese developed new methods of combat (martial arts), advanced metallurgy for swords and such, they designed and built a Great Wall, and eventually developed gun powder. They developed an intellectual and technological superiority to counter their genetic deficiencies.

Fast foreword 2009- Men still seek dominance. There are those amongst us those that will take from others if they can. Some nations if they had the means would seek conquest; if they had advantage. The USA has built a "Great Wall" against those would be conquestious nations; we call it a nuclear arsenal. As humans, each of us seek freedom from oppression. None of us wish to be robbed, raped, or controlled simply as a result of another’s dominant advantage. Guns are the equalizer. An 89 year old wheel chair bound grandmother with a Kimber 1911 .45ACP is an equal to 9 of the biggest meanest strongest men on earth (18 IF SHE CAN CHANGE CLIPS QUICKLY). Taking guns from the lawful makes them far more oppressable. Even if every gun on earth magically vanished the wicked nature of the unsaved man would still remain.

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  1. Walt,
    I am with you on this one!


    ...Ray Hicks