Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Health Care Word Picture

Dear Congressman Minnick,

Please allow me to draw a brief word picture.

A man who can not swim a lick jumps into the shallow end of a swimming pool; his feet easily reach bottom. From time to time he lifts his feet off of the bottom, holds his breath and flails his arms and legs around. Of course he promptly sinks and he must stand up to get air; the man simply can not swim. Occasionally some one will come by and deliver the man an unproven theory on swimming and some times he tries some of the recommendations to no avail. One day a guy who really looks like a good swimmer shows up and delivers the most inspiring theory on swimming he had heard to date. The guy is so inspired he climbs out of the shallow end and runs to the diving board (on the deep end). Exited about this grand new swimming theory the man jumps in head first. Having just enough flailing energy to lift his head from the water one time hears the inspirational theorist yell, “Yes you can!” He drowns inspired and confused.

The swimmer in this story is our government’s involvement in healthcare. Right now we are in the shallow end with Medicare and Medicaid. The government is in the water but not at all swimming. We have trillions in unfunded liabilities and absolutely no plan. Today we have a massive new plan by our central planning theorist, President Obama, that would take over the entire health care system. Is it wise for us to jump in to the deep end before learning how to swim in the shallow end?

I ask you, Congressman Minnick to recommend a tabling of this bill until the government can prove they can handle the power they have already seized. Table all health care legislation until at least Medicare is solvent. You can not run a business or a Nation on idealism. We must face the facts. No matter how much you want to swim, or like water, if you have no idea how to do it based upon physical evidence and practice, you will drown.


Walt Holton

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