Thursday, August 13, 2009

Idaho Declaration of Sovereignty

When, in the course of human events it becomes necessary to assess and re-establish governmental order that more closely represents the will of the people of our state, and represents the order originally established by The Constitution of the United States of America and it’s first 10 amendments (The Bill of Rights), it is our responsibility as citizens to act and re-establish the sovereignty of our state as intended by the Framers of our nation.

We too, as the Founders of our nation before us, believe absolute inalienable rights that can not be infringed upon by any government, state or federal, in any form. Among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We also believe it is the first and foremost role of the government to secure these rights for the people. Whenever it becomes apparent that these rights are being infringed upon rather than protected, it is the Right and duty of the People of our State to correct the injustice and re-establish the intended order and lawful relationship between our state and the Federal government. In government as in nature, things change, adapt and grow old. Although changes have occurred, often they have been for light, transient and tyrannical reasons. As these changes occur, it is human nature, as evidenced by historical record, to become accustom to the gradual change and losses of liberty, and failure to act as long as the suffering is bearable. Consequently they fail to throw off the evils and abuses imposed upon them. It is the duty of the citizens, to recognize this gradual shift from liberty to tyranny and set the course right. Such has been the patient suffering of this State; and as a consequence it is necessary to alter the form of government which we have gradually yielded to and under fear of duress. Let these facts be submitted to all States and territories under the flag of the United States of America.

The Federal government has-

Forbidden Governors, through the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government to pass laws that conflict with federal laws which are not expressly addressed in The Constitution, by withholding funds as leverage against the States, when the State’s will conflicts with the Federal government’s desire.

Allowed Presidential Executive Orders to stand as law, of which many have affected our citizens directly. This is directly counter to the checks and balances upon which our form of government was founded and our constitution functions.

Made laws that conflict with the 2nd Amendment by requiring pre-conditions to the expressed, “right to bear arms.”
Interfered with this states right to select our method of selecting US Senators; the 17th Amendment, thereby destroying the rights and sovereignty of all States, and making the election of Senators subject to the fallible and manipulateable popular election, against the design of our Founders.

Given authority to Federal administrations that supersede the authority and rights of the State Governor, legislator, and courts of the State as well as the Citizens.

Forced our citizens to live by the judgments of the Supreme Court in which the Constitution was not in question.

Given circuit courts authority over state courts on intra-state matters.

Established social programs that do not suit the needs of all states or people, equally.

Made laws, policy and squandered assets based upon insufficient data, and special interest pressure regards to the climate and environment.

Has failed to employ a device that would make certain the President of the United States of America is a natural born citizen and subrogated the responsibility of this Constitutional mandate to the honor of the political parties during the primary elections.

Taxed the income of our people for purpose of expenditures, both foreign and domestic, that do not meet with the will of our citizens.

Failed to hold in account money seized for the expressed purpose of retirement income (Social Security).

Made a hostage of our state by mandating preconditions before the receipt of federal funding.

Kept amongst us Internal Revenue Service agents, with the power to seize funds, based upon complex laws that are not written with the intent to be understood by the common man (tax code)

Given away Congressional authority to mint coinage to the Federal Reserve, which is a private banking cartel not owned by the government or the people of the USA.

Allowed courts to establish policy that in effect makes laws in respect to religion.

Allowed corruption and bribery at the highest levels and attaches unrelated spending and policy to specific bills (pork barrels, ear marks, pet projects) and allowed direct and indirect financial contributions to ranking members and comities for favors to make law to their advantage.

Failed to protect the sovereignty of our nation by failing to enforce immigration laws and secure the borders.

Established a group of official political positions that do not require oversight of any other branch of government and report to the President only (Czars).

Had within it those who incite racial and class discord as a means of political and financial gain.

In every stage of these oppressions, the citizens of our state have petitioned that we may have our own rule and law on these matters, as intended by our Founding Fathers. We know this to be so from our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist papers. Alas, our yearning to hold the power close to the people has been roundly ignored by those who hold unrightfully and unlawful power. This ignoring of Constitutional law and foundational principals is a certain path to absolute power by a few or even one. Understanding the condition of mankind, as evidenced by historical record, such governance always has ends in tyranny and oppression. Therefore, we stand united in our demand to restore this States sovereignty to its rightful level; that of May 14, 1787, and hereby declare a summation of our participation in the United States of America.

We will recognize no Federal Law, agency, administration or court unless it is expressly written in The Constitution of the United States of America, it’s first ten amendments, and other amendments that establish order and law of the Federal government. We will neither respect or accept any Constitutional amendment or law from the Federal Government that limits or imposes law on the citizens or the government of our State.

Our citizens will pay no direct Federal Income tax.

Our state will contribute our pro-rated portion of funds, towards funding national defense, interstate commerce, foreign trade and other federal functions specifically enumerated in the Constitution and its first ten Amendments. The proration will be based upon population and not upon trade or income. Only Federal officers that administer the execution of Constitutional mandates will be allowed within our borders.

All “Federal land” within our borders will from this date be State land, and of which we will assume all management, liability, profit and loss.

We will assume and establish our own social laws in every regard, which includes but is not limited to, education, welfare, student aid, environmental protection.

We reserve the right to mint and coin our own currency backed by gold or silver.

We reserve the right to check our borders, stop and deport illegal aliens, although citizens of all other states retain free egress as enumerated in the Constitution.

The Governor of our State will retain sole command of our National Guard regiments, although we may aid other states and or the Federal Government in times of emergency.

The State of Idaho and its Citizens shall enforce all oaths of office and shall retain the right to discipline any and all State or federal officials within its borders.

The Senators and Congressmen we send to Washington DC will be paid for by our State and we shall have sole authority in regards to their compensation and benefits. Furthermore, our representatives will only vote and add to the debate on matters pertaining to expenditures and policy that pertains to our Constitutional obligation and its first ten Amendments

We expect the federal government to make right the obligation for Social Security to each of our citizens based upon the amount seized from them individually. This may be done over time or as a lump sum payment. If the federal government should fail to do this we shall with hold funds from the federal government and administer as needed.

In these matters and others that may arise, We the people of the State of Idaho, do declare our Sovereign Statehood, and do hereby announce that we will only submit to The Constitution and its first Ten Amendments, as intended by our Founders who self admittedly and proudly proclaimed that they gained their wisdom through Providence. We do these things, to ensure the felicity and dignity of our citizens, knowing full well by observing other cultures that a nation ruled by too few, that squanders its assets, will not stand. Some of our citizens that call upon The Divine, pray for your safety and return to the Ways of our Fathers. In the event the prayers are not answered to the hearts desire of those who ask, we find it indeed crucial to limit our association, and return to the levels of subservience to the Federal Government on that day May 14, 1787.

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