Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter to Congressman Walt Minnick (Health Care Plea)

Dear Congressman Minnick,

With all of the truth coming out on President Obama’s Health care plan, I am sure you have strong doubts about this swing towards socialized medicine. Additionally, I think you know voting for this bill, in any form, will cost you re-election in 2010 in the State of Idaho. However if you still have not made up your mind on the issue please consider the following scenario.

It is quite obvious under such a plan, rationing must take place. Traditionally, rationing decisions have been made by doctors for the most part, and to some degree by the insurance companies based upon the coverage the insured signed up for. Like anything, you get what you pay for. In medicine there are lots of gray areas, and the doctor’s opinion caries huge sway in these gray areas.

Scenario- Lets say a high school athlete tears (not separates) his ACL. As it stands now, with an insured athlete, the doctor decides whether the injured athlete can rehabilitate the injury, or if it requires surgery. Since wellness and pro active health is a big part what the President pushes, you would think high school athletics would be encouraged. So if the answer to this question is, “the doctor would make the call,” I have my doubts. As it stands right now the main government health care system is the VA. The VA like any government entity has its decisions made by lawmakers and administration, thus rations the care. If a soldier is injured in battle and suffers a torn ACL (not separated) they must wait and suffer the debilitation until it fully separates, even if separation is an eventual given. If this is how we treat the young men we put into harms way, I can only imagine how young athletes who voluntarily put themselves at risk will be treated. Are you sure this is the kind of god ship you want for our government. Before we go whole hog for this new health care system, shouldn’t we get the VA right?

Besides the obvious feasibility issues (in a time of deep recession) this health care plan puts the government into way too much of a lordship position. Do you love your country and our freedom more than your own power? I hope you make the right choice here. I would hope you would actively campaign against this bill.


Walt Holton

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