Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Childern of the '70s! You Too Were Conditioned

The cartoons back in “the day” lacked a political message for the most part (unlike today), but childhood conditioning was alive and well. PBS played shows like Sesame Street, Electric Company, Zoom, Mulligan Stew and Vealegra. Largely, the content of the shows were educational; some math, phonics, a bit of basic science, letters and number identification. However, many more suspect messages were sent on these programs that were by design. Multi- culturalism (misspeak for cultural non-conformance, or societal rebellion) was praised and acted out on a stage set, where everyone, every day, all go home happy. While in the real inner city, it caused chaos and despair (still does). Hyperboleus examples of greed and giving were acted out as a psudo-socialisim 101 class, and introductory class envy training was started. If we want to find out how we got so screwed up as a society today we must look at what conditioning was done to us. For instance let’s look at Bert and Ernie. Bert was grumpy and a bit greedy. Ernie would always share his cookie with Bert. Now, by no means do I condemn Ernie for his charity because individual charity is the most noble endeavor, however, I do recall guilt trips being imposed upon members of the cast for non-sharing. They really had a social utopia on that show with a few holdouts, like Oscar the garbage can puppet, and of course Bert was a soft-core Archie Bunker. But how would this socialist utopia have gone over if some real world was interjected.

Real world socialism/ communism episode 1250

[Scene Ernie's kitchen]- Ernie and Grover cook two cookies one for each of them. They have flour all over themselves and the kitchen; they have worked very hard and have more to do. They talk about how they had to buy the egg (The screen goes solid blue and the word EGG comes on the screen, pronounced three times in English and three times in Spanish.) and the flour and such, and how they had to earn the money for those goods. They talk about how much they will enjoy the cookies; “Yummy Yummy,” Grover says in his patent voice. [Pan to kitchen window] A nose appears at first, and then the head- Its Elmo! (Greetings exchanged). Elmo comments on the yummy smell. Grover and Ernie explain the cookie making process and the ingredients (The word EGG pops up on the screen again). Elmo although he has all the available knowledge needed, now, to make his own cookie, he hints around for a portion of the finished product; Ernie and Grover are a bit too dense to recognize the plea. Ernie being a kind heart writes the recipe down for Elmo. Soon others gather at the window, attracted by the aroma. Ernie and Grover both write recipes down and hand them out to all at the window, amongst the persistent hinting; Ernie and Grover remain oblivious to the crowd's lust for their bounty. Soon Bert comes to the window, evidently home from a hard day at the pointy head club. Bluntly he says, "Aren’t you gonna share." Their dreams of yummieness dashed, they offer up their cookies. The swarm of puppetry ensues; the sound of “MMMMMM,” and “yummy” from all, “thank you,” from a few; the crowd vanishes. Left on the floor, crumbs and recipe cards.

Day two-Repeat day one, save some of the thank yous, and a few of the people (Elmo and Big Bird) are missing.

Later day two- Big Bird and Elmo thank Grover and Ernie for the recipe and explain how they made their own cookies! They share with Ernie and Grover as thanks and repayment. Ernie and Grover finally get a taste of their own recipe. [Camera pans around the corner] Bert hears the exchange, and spreads the news all over Sesame Street; Elmo and Big Bird have cookies too.

Day three- Similar results- Mob of puppets also visit Big Bird and Elmo.

Day four Big bird, Elmo, Ernie and Grover close the window and pull the blind as not to entice the mob or announce their baked goods. At last they eat their cookies in peace. The mobs gather puzzled at the closed window. Peeking through Bert says, "They are in there!" He runs around the house enters the door and proceeds to lecture Ernie and Grover on their greed. Ernie and Grover try to explain how this day was the first day they actually got to enjoy what they worked for, and how they had shared the recipe. Burt looks cross and his hair is especially on end!

Day five repeat day four in Ernie’s kitchen. The cookieless mob grumbles. Above the grumble, words like greedy, unfair, mean, are heard. Burt takes the stage once the crowd is at fever pitch, and eloquently re-enforces their anger and lust for yummy cookies. He announces in a discussed voice, "It is unfair that only four Sesame Street residents get to eat all of its cookies! We should take their cookies and share them with every one equally! Let’s put it to a vote! All in favor?" "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" It is unanimous, save the absence of the cookie makers. Bert announces he and Cookie Monster will take on the burden of seizure and redistribution of cookies. He will also mandate higher production levels; the crowd chants his name..Bert! Bert! Burt!!!

The baker boys were shocked by the news, but Bert explained to them again their greedy ways, and how they will be shunned if they do not comply. Burt leaves the kitchen and before he locks the door behind him, he says, "I expect cookies for every one and extra, or else!"

The seizure and redistribution starts. Burt and Cookie monster do their duty, and reward themselves with extra cookies, justifying more and more for themselves each day. The mob grumbles seeing their share diminish. An additional increase in cookie production is demanded by Burt. Burt bars the window to the kitchen and orders Snuffleufagus to stand guard. [Screen goes red] a word appears with a little dot bouncing above each letter. SOCIALISIM (repeat three times English and Spanish). Fade to song-

We don’t need greeeeeeed-We don't need un---kind...ness. We should all share, says this pair-- [photo of Burt and Cookie monster] If you care...Obama gonna change the world.

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