Thursday, February 9, 2012

Government: A god Before Him

If the Almighty God condoned the use of force in order to make people behave a certain way, would He really need governments to do it for Him? When we allow or endorse the taxation (forced procurement of what is owned by a person), for the purpose of what may be considered a, "moral act" such as welfare, health care, prohibition of various goods or dictating the acts in one's bedroom, it is absolutely not a MORAL ACT. No God blessed act can begin with theft (7th Commandment). Secondly, since the Christian version of morality, includes responsibility, benevolence, self control and sexual purity, allowing the government the power to dictate and/or fund these, the government has taken the place of the church and God, therefore the First Commandment has been broken; "Thou shall have no other gods before Me." Jesus said, "Be Holy as I am Holy," what he did not say is, force your neighbor to be Holy. God is looking for you to do good, not for you to force someone else to do what you think is good. Endorsing the use of government force to dictate anything within the realm of God’s direction to us is making government, a god before Him.

Welfare recipients or bailed out corporations, praise those politicians who promise to fill their belly or give them a market advantage. They offer them worship at the ballot box; they bring them tithes (such as union dues) and offerings (such as campaign contributions or other offerings of money or obedience). God is a jealous God, and when He is deprived of praise, those who steal the praise may be judged as His enemies. Beware, you politician who may be reading this, as you hear the chant of the crowd or as the applause tickles your ears, God does not bless the thief of His praise, nor those who promise to “do-good” with stolen money.

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