Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Idaho Farm Freedom Act: Hemp Decriminalization

Purpose: By the passing of this Act, the State of Idaho shall rightfully interpose (on behalf of the people who reside on the State and the farms and industries which do business within its borders), and assume A “Power” (10th Amendment reference) which was not delegated to the United States of America(s) general government in the Constitution or its Amendments, NOR prohibited by The Constitution of the State of Idaho. The interposition shall be specifically in regards to the United States of America(s) claim on the power to enforce prohibition on the production, improvement, sale and use of Hemp.

WHERAS- The Constitution of the United States… specifically enumerates the authority given - by the States - to the United States of America(s) general government, AND of those specifically enumerated powers, the power to prohibit a manufacture, sale or use of any product or crop was not included, AND this limitation of power was well understood when the 18th Amendment (Alcohol Prohibition) was passed and later repealed (21st Amendment), AND no such Amendment since has changed the original authority to Federally prohibit any good.

WHERAS- Hemp was a staple crop during colonial times, grown for many uses, including the manufacture of paper, including the paper the Declaration of Independence was written on.

WHEREAS- Hemp, although related to marijuana, does not produce a significant enough amount of THC to be considered and option by those who seek intoxication.

WHERAS- Hemp grows very well in the State of Idaho, AND requires very little fertilizer, AND required very little pesticide, AND offers farmers another option for crop rotation.

WHERAS- A hemp industry will provide many jobs in the State of Idaho in the farming industry, AND in the health industry, AND in the industrial sector, AND in general provide an entirely new economic opportunity(s) to the whole state.

WHERAS- Hemp seeds, very nutritious containing very high ratios of protein, AND contains a near complete Amino Acid profile, AND is high in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3s, AND hemp fats are saturated and undamaged, therefore entirely useable to the human body, AND are a source of many other vitamins and minerals essential to the human body.

WHERAS- Hemp oils, can be ingested by humans as a base of salad dressings (amongst many uses), AND is known to aid in the healing of eczema, AND is an anti-inflammatory, AND has many other beneficial uses.

WHERAS- Hemp fiber has many uses which are not limited to- Building products, paper, clothing, animal bedding, waste water and soil purification, automotive body panels, hemp Crete, hemp plastic, AND etc.

WHERAS- Hemp is the most renewable and sustainable of all industrial farm and food products.

WHEREAS- The production and sale of hemp, and hemp products is legal in most industrial, “first world” countries.

The State of Idaho SHALL, interpose between the US government and the People, to protect and defend the People who reside on the State of Idaho, and the industries and farms which do business within the borders of the State of Idaho against any aggression, whether physical, financial or otherwise, by the United States of America, government’s agents or agencies which attempt to enforce a prohibition on the agricultural production or refinement of hemp based products. State and county agencies which may be called upon to enforce this interposition are (but not limited to)- The State Police, County Sheriffs, City Police, the State Department of Commerce, The State Attorney General’s office, the state Department of Agriculture, and the People. The State of Idaho assumes this “Power,” justly and in accordance with the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. Further the State of Idaho reserves the right for commerce of hemp based goods, across state lines, as an exercise of “regular commerce.”

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