Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rebuke! For Your Silence Implies Consent

I am sure many of you have seen the stories the news lately about “Christian” militias. And I am sure many of you understand this is a direct frontal assault, not on the few people they are charging with a crime, but to Christians in general. But that is not all. Tea Party goers are reportedly racist and Janet Napolitano herself defines “right wing extremists” as the real terrorist threat. Barrack Hussein Obama as well, implied intellectual superiority over those who “cling to guns and religion,” in his campaign for president. However, aside from the obvious and blatant coordinated efforts of the media and inside the government, to imply certain groups of people in this nation are counter productive to the collective good, that’s not all. This multi million dollar campaign to own the weak minds of America is not the only tactic the left is using today; another is one carried out by lurkers and trolls on sites like this one, Face book and Twitter.

These lurkers and trolls have many tactics. Some pose as one of the crowd, spouting patriotic rah-rah, to gain acceptance. Once acceptance is granted their tactics take on many forms. For instance the other day I was reading some comments on Tom Tancredo’s Face book page. Most of the discussion was logical and organized around securing the borders and enforcing laws we already have on the books. Out of the blue a comment from an obviously anonymous name, spouted “I agree with you throw out all the beaners!” This post did not stay on the board long because the page was watched by its admin closely. However, had this been ignored and other trolls or true racists joined in, a picture of the page could be taken and used as implied evidence that those who want secure borders are pure racists.

Another example- On a Ning site, one regular blog poster began posting increasingly “off color” posts. One of them was, how you would go to hell if you married a person of a different color. He had many other posts that blatantly implied God did not like black people and such. Most of his blogs went without comment; likely a “don’t feed the trolls” mentality. I complained to the admin and explained my concerns. The response I got was just plain silly, “don’t worry he is just a religious zealot…I don’t want to infringe on his right to free speech.” My response was, “he has a right to speak, not to be heard.” A day later this guy published a blog stating how he was framed by the FBI, and was not involved in a 1990s bombing in the Middle East. He provided “official documents” with his name on them implicating him with terrorism and then denied involvement…WOW. After my next note to the site admin he was banned.

How should we respond to the tactical leftist and the true psycho? We must rebuke them and report them! Do not be drawn into an argument. If it is on your Face book page, respond with a rebuke and delete them, in other places simply rebuke them and report them to the admin. If the admin is un-responsive leave the site, but before you do, post a blog with the reason. Silence is consent.

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