Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Letter to Governor Butch Otter (Garvey Bonds)

Dear Governor,

I write you today on a matter of urgent concern. As I am sure you are aware the Idaho House of Representatives voted today to put the State in debt by allowing the use of a Garvey Bond to purchase land between Emmett and Boise. Irregardless of the constitutionality of this type of debt, I believe this type of spending, based upon assumed future income (from Washington DC) places our state in a position of great peril.

I am sure you are fully aware of the many instances the Federal Government has threatened to withhold “Federal funds” from the state, if we do not comply with their wishes. This type of bribery/extortion of course is a very effective way for the federal government to achieve implied consent, on laws that are clearly an infringement of the Tenth Amendment. Understanding the power of the purse as used in the past, how much more effective will this tactic be if we have already spent the money as the Garvey bond system allows? To say the least we would be placed in an unfavorable position of negotiation. Perhaps I am unaware of a stipulation in the Garvey bond process that guarantees the money from the federal government without strings attached, but with our ethically subjective leadership in Washington I doubt even the most firm stipulation would hold up if the desire for state compliance was dire enough.

What makes my concern even greater today is the recent stand you and our legislators have taken against the infringements on the Tenth Amendment (Health Freedom Act). Needless to say you folks are not a great friend to the statists and tyrants in Washington DC; for that I applaud you. For these reasons, I believe going ahead with any future Garvey bonds is a tactical mistake. Please veto this bill.

Thank you,

Walt Holton


  1. I will add my signature to this note and add that we should use CAFR funds instead. And we should use CAFR funds to pay back any outstanding "Garvey" bonds.

    Susan Kay Venable

  2. Not familiar with CAFR funds, but the whole issue with the Garvey bonds was a red herring from the beginning to our beloved former governors credit. Kempthorne is a RINO from his actions.