Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Don't Skin the Cat!

One question I ask people who are beating the war drum on Iran is: Has our policy regarding the Middle East since 1954 (subversive overthrowing of leaders, diluting Israel's sovereignty via the UN and US demands for multi-lateral negotiations, outright invasion, occupation of lands and trade sanctions) improved the situation or made it worse? I think just about everyone will acknowledge we have made a mess of things, but a lot of people think if we only micromanaged the affairs of others differently, things would be better. I scoff, as the unintended consequences abound. We installed Saddam and he turned on us or we on him (depending on the congressional testimony you choose to listen to); we funded Osama, the fruit soured, and we killed Kadaffi and now the Al Qaeda flag flies over some of the buildings. We have used a mink glove at times and an Iron Boot at others. We have offered lobster tail under some leaders and made them eat dirt under others; alas the song remains the same.

Not only have none of these methods worked, but they have changed us, the America of today is not the one of our Founders. We have lost our compassion and justified those we kill as acceptable collateral damage because our intentions, we are told, are noble. We can justify our actions or ignore the brutal reality that the TV screen does not sanitize death. We sing the Battle Hymn or God Bless America, and turn it into a patriotic affair, all while the fear merchants (useful idiots for the terrorists) play their theme song, "We'll stick a boot up your ass it's the American way." Really? Is that the American way? Whether one claims to be a Christian or not, only a fool rejects the fact that our country is based upon Christian morality. Would Jesus sing that theme song? Is that the country God would bless? Do the fundamental ethics of man change with the times? NO. It is time to return to the prime ethos of kindergarten, keep your hands to yourself.

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