Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Cut Taxes...Eliminate some!

Even the drunken dullard, when presented with the laws of economics, must concede; taxes only restrain industry. So we must conclude that in order to sponsor real growth (not the kind of growth the Fed proclaims) we must reduce the amount of money seized from the productive and given to the non-productive. Of course tax cuts can be done a number of ways, some with more impact than others. A simple cut that may be proposed, and may resound with a typical work-a-day voter is a sales tax reduction. Although, any tax cut is a good one this is just not the best way to take make a full impact.

I would suggest rather than cutting tax ratios on existing tax structure, we need to eliminate certain taxes and regulation that not only directly restrains business by the seizure of funds but also cost business extra time and funds due to the requirement of additional ancillary support; personal property tax, real estate property tax and income tax come to the top of mind.

So, at this time of mandatory thrift, perhaps we need to look at how we can get the most bang for the buck out of our reduction of taxes. Perhaps eliminate the income tax altogether and raise the sales tax (of course with a net reduction in the size of the government take). Just the reduction in minutia, and the resulting savings from such an act would promote economic growth. There is my two cents (well not exactly...the government actually owns one of them...both if I don't hire someone that knows the tax code to defend me).

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