Thursday, June 18, 2009

Letter to Congressman Minnick: Sotomayor confirmation

Dear Congressman Minnick,

I write you today begging you to stand against the confirmation of Judge Sotomayor to the US Supreme court.

Being a man in the know, I am sure you have heard the typical sound bites concerning Sotomayor’s life experience as a woman and Latino, and how that should make her more wise than other people groups. Although I am not personally offended (I’m a white male) over her statement (she is entitled to her opinion, right or wrong) I do believe such a statement is a declaration of her inability to be objective. Although this statement has been given most of the “legs” in the media, her 2001 speech at Berkley is riddled with statements that should particularly exclude her as an objective justice. She explains over and over how her life experiences will affect her rulings. Her philosophy as I would describe it is postmodernist, relativist and incapable of objectivity; each descriptive is a complete contradiction to what the job description of a Supreme Court justice should be.

A Supreme Court Justice should be very close to a machine; their job is interpreting laws and delivering a verdict based upon the intent of those who handed down the law, not based upon their personal desires. It is your job, Congressman, to deliver the laws, written with the clarity present to make the intent unavoidable. You are the policy maker, not the judge. The Constitution is the Law, not the judge. If the Constitution fails to serve the people’s desires, or if the laws you and your equals pass, fail the people, then change them as the rule of law dictates. It was never our founder’s intentions that the one that holds the gavel be the one that is the law; if so, a scepter would have done just fine.

Perhaps Judge Roberts said it best during his confirmation hearings when he said, "Judges are like umpires. Umpires don't make the rules; they apply them." Judge Sotomayor could be likened to a game seven World Series home plate umpire wearing a NY Yankees hat during the game. I encourage you to read her full speech and act as an American Statesman would act. Please act in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson and not William Jefferson. Additionally, please don’t bother sending a response if it is one that tap dances around the crowded dance floor without stepping on anyone’s feet. There is a right and wrong to everything, toes will get stepped on. If you choose to be contrary to my position than please declare yours as such. For that you will earn at least my respect, but not likely my support.

Thank You
Walt Holton

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